Thoughts on the Lexus NX200t

Just thought I'd switch it up and share my experiences on the Lexus NX200. I recently acquired one for daily use, after taking into account price, comfort, design, and driving dynamics. Right off the bat, the NX200 is eye-catching in a sea of BMW's, Audi's, and Benzes. They managed to inject just enough aggressiveness to make a crossover that might actually appeal to a younger guy instead of Dior toting female. The steering is sharp enough, but theres not a ton of feedback as one would expect. Stomping on the throttle yields torque steer galore, though its manageable. It can hold its own through corners, as theres only a little body roll, yet it still maintains a smooth and supple ride over bumpy/broken pavement. On a nice mountain road, you might be able to have some fun hooning this 4,000 lb beast around.

My one complaint is that this car needs more power. There is a lot of marketing showcasing the new Turbo engine and how sporty it is, but it only makes 235hp -- when you take into account that the car weighs 2 tons, you definitely aren't going to outrun anything. While the engine can seem peppy in the midrange, its no match for the NX200's weight in the end. If there was an option to get a V6, or bump the boost up to give it at least 270hp, it would be a lot more competitive with other offerings in the segment. I would gladly spend the extra money for a hotter F version (not F-Sport) with a high output turbo 4 making over 300hp or the 3.5L V6 in the IS350. Lexus, if you're reading this and really want to succeed in the sporty crossover segment, which is only going to get bigger, PLEASE give this car more power! Look at Jaguar, the base F-pace comes with 340hp and it starts in the high $40's. Right now, that F-pace is looking extremely appealing....


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